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2/25/14 From The Lord, Our God and Savior - Wisdom Given to Timothy, For All Those Who Have Ears to Hear (Regarding the assertion that calling YAHUWAH or YAHUSHUA “God” or “Lord” is wrong)

There is one God and Father, one Lord who causes to be: YAHUWAH.
There is one Savior, The Only Begotten of The Father,
By Whom all things consist: YAHUSHUA.
They are ONE.

If then there is only one Lord, one God and one Savior, and in our language He is called “Lord” and “God”, then would not calling anyone or anything else “Lord” or “God”, whether a false god or a man, be blasphemy? Does not The Lord Himself search our hearts and minds, even our innermost thoughts and intentions? Does He not know the hearts of those who are yet ignorant of The Messiah's real name, when they say “Jesus is Lord”?[1] Even throughout the world, believers and unbelievers alike know the name “Jesus” (a name given to YahuShua by men) refers to He who was crucified and rose from the dead. And if we say YahuShua is YaHuWaH, is this not also self-evident?
Even before the earth was made, there is ONE alone who was and is and has always been THE LORD ABSOLUTE, which by definition demands there can be only one. Thus all others, whether man, false deity, or carved image, referred to as “Lord” in English or in any other language, are false!... Deceivers! Impostors! Idols!... To call any of these “Lord” is blasphemy, even on the highest order!

For thus has The Lord spoken:

“Remember My words and have peace:

One God...

One Son, The Only Way to The Father...

One Truth, One Word, One Messiah, One Spirit;
One Food, One Bread and One Drink...

One Body...

Of which I am all,
The All in All.


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