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5/2/07 From The Lord, Our God and Savior
The Word of The Lord Spoken to Timothy
For All Those Who Have Ears to Hear

Thus says The Lord: Come forth, O acolytes of satan, all you wicked vipers who shake your fists at Heaven and spit at The King! Come and hiss at My chosen, that I may strike you down! For from the dust had I formed you, and to the dust shall you return![1]

For thus is the eternal state of My punishment, thus is the punishment you shall receive at My own hand: Destruction in the lake that burns, consumed in an instant, gone from My presence forever! Darkness, outer darkness, nothingness is your reward! And you shall never even know you had received it or received it not! You shall know NOTHING, nor shall you have ANY part in life! It is taken from you, and shall never again be granted to you; your inheritance lost, your existence blotted out!

THIS, O perverse generation,
Is the eternal state of My punishment;[2]
For the lake of My burning heart is
Judgment and not life, a consuming fire!...


Depart from your wicked ways,
Heed the Call and take warning,[3]

  1. Genesis 3:19
  2. See: "PART 2 - Q & A: What is the Fate of the Wicked?"
  3. Ezekiel 33:4-5

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