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Volume Seven


Table of Contents for Volume Seven

  1. To the Nation Once Called of Itself “Under God”
  2. Punishment
  3. To All Those Who Speak Against the Word of The Lord Given to Timothy
  4. Salvation Is Given and Must Be Received; Once Received, Forever Shall It Belong to the Redeemed
  5. The Lord Has Spoken and Will Not Repent; Heed His Words and Give Him Glory
  6. The Prophets Are Sent Out, True and False; the High-Minded Abased, the Lowly Uplifted... The Great and Terrible Day of The Lord Is Near, and Who Shall Stand
  7. A Day of Thick Clouds and Darkness, Bitter Sorrows... The Day of Deliverance and Judgment, The Day of The Lord
  8. Israel Is Mine
  9. Recompense
  10. Thus Says The Lord to the United States, and to All the Churches of Men Which Dwell Within Its Borders
  11. Grace and The Law
  12. You Shall Not Use Grace as a Sword, By Which You Attempt to Slay The Moral Law
  13. God’s Will
  14. Thus Says The Lord, by The Spirit of Truth: Obey The Commandments
  15. The Voice of Truth
  16. Let All in the Earth Be Brought into Deep and Profound Silence
  17. Thus Says The Lord against the United States: You Have Hastened the Day
  18. Shout His Name
  19. Woe to the Megachurches of Men
  20. Woe to Those Who Bear False Witness in The Lord’s Name, Saying, “Hear the Word of The Lord”, When The Lord Has Not Spoken It
  21. REPENT
  22. Recompense, Wrath and Glory
  23. Thus Says The Lord against Dallas and Las Vegas
  24. Woe to Dallas
  25. Thus Says The Lord to the Churches of Men, and to All Their Self-Appointed Apostles, Prophets and Preachers
  26. Who Among You, O Israel, and Among You, O Olive Branches, Has Fasted Unto Me?! Says The Lord God
  27. Sons of The Kingdom, Witnesses in the Day
  28. The Lord Has Purposed
  29. Churches of Men, Hear The Word of The Lord
  30. Roaring Lions
  31. As I Am, So Shall It Be with Those I Am Sending... The Mystery of God Revealed to the Chosen
  32. The Fatherless Widow
  33. The Word of My Mouth
  34. Warn Them from Me, Says The Lord
  35. I Can Wait No Longer
  36. Establish My Way Before Me, Says The Lord
  37. I Am Come Out of My Sanctuary
  38. I Am Moved to Wrath
  39. BLOOD
  40. Enemies of Israel, Come Forth
  41. The World Shall Be Shaken
  42. I Shall Bring My Hand Against ALL Nations Who Have Forsaken Me
  43. The Voice of The Almighty God
  44. I Alone Sit as Judge, Says The Lord
  45. My Anger Runs Deep
  46. Lost Sheep
  47. My Word Has Gone Forth, Yet Who Has Embraced It?... Who Has Cupped Their Ears to Listen?! Says The Lord
  48. Thus Declares The Lord Against the Nation Once Called of Itself “Under God”
  49. The One Who Stays, Lets
  50. Blow the Trumpet, Sound the Alarm
  51. The Holy One of Israel Is Coming Down
  52. The Lord Gives; Behold, The Lord Also Takes Away
  53. I Shall Remove My Hand and My Spirit Shall Be Withdrawn... And That Purposed from the Beginning Shall Be Done, It Shall Be Accomplished Swiftly
  54. The Sword Comes
  55. A Day of Slaughter
  56. I Will Defend My People, Israel
  57. Vengeance Is Mine, I Shall Repay
  58. The Diviners Divine False Visions, the Prophets Prophesy Lies, and Every Dreamer Shares Deceptive Dreams Brought Forth from Their Own Imagination
  59. Churches of Men, You Have Robbed Me! Says The Lord
  60. The Alarm of War
  61. Depart from Me
  62. Captive Children (a Lamentation)
  63. Proclaim The Name of The Lord
  64. My Word Is Fire
  65. Dividing the Spoils
  66. I Am Calling You Out! (Part 1)
  67. I Am Calling You Out! (Part 2)... Come Out of the Churches of Men and I Will Receive You! Says The Lord
  68. The Last Trumpet before The Time

This ends Volume Seven.

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